Daniella Spot-Blu Cina M-555 swimsuit (1)

Unikátní a žádaný výrobek Daniella Spot-Blu Cina M-555 swimsuit (1) od dodavatele se skvělou pověstí Marko najdete momentálně na webu levně. Zrovna teď v akci za 809 Kč. EAN: 5901425448017
Daniella Spot-Blu Cina M-555 swimsuit
Značka: Marko
809 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 299 Kč Sleva -64%
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Daniella Spot-Blu Cina M-555 swimsuit – One-piece swimsuit made of a beautiful, patterned fabric with a photo print.
Italian fabric looks very elegant. The whole is emphasized by subtle colors based on shades of blue, pink or black. The costume has profiled, stiffened cups without push-up, thanks to which the breasts remain in the right position all the time, and the neckline itself looks very feminine. Pleated neckline. Adjustable shoulder straps. Here is a proposal for a woman who is always looking for what is unique. Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Circumference under the bust
Chest circumference
An ulcer in the hips
The length of the costume
75-79 cm
91-92 cm
up to 98 cm
69 cm + straps
77-81 cm
93-94 cm
up to 101 cm
70 cm + straps
79-83 cm
95-96 cm
up to 104 cm
71 cm + straps
81-85 cm
97-98 cm
up to 107 cm
72 cm + straps
83-87 cm
99-100 cm
up to 110 cm
73 cm + straps