Koton T-Shirt – Beige – Regular fit

Tento zlevněný výrobek Koton T-Shirt - Beige - Regular fit od dodavatele se skvělou pověstí Koton jde pořídit zrovna dneska pořád výhodně! Akční ceny již od 207 Kč.
EAN: 8683352236215
Koton T-Shirt - Beige -
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Značka: Koton
207 649 Kč Sleva -68%

Koton T-Shirt – Beige – – Have you checked out the world’s cutest baby girl t-shirt models? Babies feel very comfortable in this licensed, frilly sleeved, cotton, Tweety printed, sequined sequined t-shirt. Our products are tested against chemicals that are harmful to health. Our products do not contain small parts that babies can swallow, ropes and cords that may pose a danger, and sharp parts.