Swimsuit Adele Spot-Red Carpet M-541 (1)

Tento oblíbený výrobek Swimsuit Adele Spot-Red Carpet M-541 (1) od skvělého a známého výrobce Marko pohodlně seženete tady a teď téměř zdarma. Cenově vychází na 719 Kč. EAN: 5901425442725
Swimsuit Adele Spot-Red Carpet M-541
Značka: Marko
719 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 1 699 Kč Sleva -57%
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Swimsuit Adele Spot-Red Carpet M-541 – Comfortable two-piece swimsuit with a patterned bra and slightly higher, comfortable panties. Made of Italian fabrics in beautiful colors.
A bra with a horizontal cut line acts like a balconette, lifts and pushes the breasts upwards while optically enlarging them. Design stiffened with foam, with underwires and permanently built-in push-up (push-ups are available in all sizes). The bra is also great for sunbathing, its straps are completely removable. Briefs with a decorative binding on the side, smooth, certainly will not limit you in any way while sunbathing. Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Circumference under the bust
Chest circumference
Hip circumference
Fig. Height
66-71 cm
82-84 cm
up to 88 cm
27 cm
69-74 cm
85-87 cm
up to 92 cm
27 cm
72-77 cm
88-90 cm
up to 96 cm
28 cm
75-80 cm
91-92 cm
up to 100 cm
29 cm
78-83 cm
93-94 cm
up to 104 cm
29 cm