Swimsuit Beatrix Cubano-Freeze M-337 (4)

Povedený výrobek Swimsuit Beatrix Cubano-Freeze M-337 (4) od skvělé značky Marko můžete pořídit v naší aktuální nabídce ve výprodejové akci. Aktuálně v akci za 809 Kč. EAN: 5901425381703
Swimsuit Beatrix Cubano-Freeze M-337
Značka: Marko
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Swimsuit Beatrix Cubano-Freeze M-337 – Elegant, one-piece „monokini“ bathing suit with breast-shaping cups.
The top of the costume is connected to the bottom with a wider, nicely cut strap that masks the belly. From the back, the costume looks like it is two-piece, it is fastened on the back with a buckle. The cups stiffened with soft foam have a reinforcement in the lower part, which makes the breasts rise and optically enlarge. Underwires on the sides. Straps tied around the neck, decorated with silver brooches. Belt on the hips, also with a brooch. Two colors (which go perfectly with each other) look fresh, trendy and holiday here. A perfect proposition for the beach.
One-piece costume, the so-called monokini
Quick-drying, resistant to the sun (does not fade)
Italian, high-quality Carvico Tesutti knit
Perfectly adheres to the body, shapes the bust, hides the belly
It brings out the best in your figure
Padded cups with push up
Perfect for small and medium breasts
Cool colors, silver decorations
Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Costume size
Chest circumference
Circumference under the bust
Hip circumference
The length of the costume
 80-83 cm
 68-73 cm
82-88 cm
57 cm + long straps
 84-86 cm
 71-76 cm
86-92 cm
59 cm + long straps
87-89 cm
74-79 cm
90-96 cm
61 cm + long straps
 90-91 cm
 77-82 cm
94-100 cm
63 cm + long straps
 92-93 cm
 80-85 cm
98-104 cm
63 cm + long straps