Swimsuit Belinda Luxury M-548 (6)

Ve slevě kousek Swimsuit Belinda Luxury M-548 (6) od známé značky Marko snadno seženete tady za mimořádně nízkou cenu. Nyní zakoupíte za 854 Kč. EAN: 5901425446341
Swimsuit Belinda Luxury M-548
Značka: Marko
854 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 199 Kč Sleva -61%
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Swimsuit Belinda Luxury M-548 – Let yourself be seduced by hot Latino rhythms! This summer, put on a costume inspired by today's most fashionable Cuban style.
One-piece, with a monokini cut – it has cut sides, which gives it a modern character. The top of the costume is made of a sexy push-up, and precisely contoured cups, stiffened with a special foam, with a permanently built-in push-up filling that cannot be removed from the model (push-up is available in all sizes of the costume). The cut lifts and enlarges the breasts, creating a sexy cleavage decorated with a flowing frill. And that's not all. Made of Italian stretch fabric, the costume is smooth, comfortable, tied at the back, and has fully removable shoulder straps. Juicy colors to choose from over a dozen variants – choose it in your favorite color. Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Chest circumference where the costume fits best
Circumference under the bust
Hip circumference where the costume fits best
The length of the costume
 81-82 cm
68-73 cm
up to 88 cm
54 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
 83-84 cm
71-76 cm
up to 92 cm
58 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
85-86 cm
74-79 cm
up to 96 cm
60 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
87-88 cm
77-82 cm
up to 100 cm
62 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
89-90 cm
80-85 cm
up to 104 cm
64 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps