Swimsuit Bonita Nero-Brown M-571 (2)

Oblíbený a akční kus Swimsuit Bonita Nero-Brown M-571 (2) od známého výrobce Marko jde koupit tady a teď ve slevě. Nyní za akční cenu 854 Kč. EAN: 5901425454551
Swimsuit Bonita Nero-Brown M-571
Značka: Marko
854 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 699 Kč Sleva -68%
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Swimsuit Bonita Nero-Brown M-571 – Stylish bathing suit made of interesting Italian patterned fabric. A proposal for a woman who is looking for a good bra construction and fashionable design.
– Bra with stiffened cups, filled with a special foam, with a significant push-up.
– Push-up built in permanently, cannot be removed, available in any bra size, located at the base of the cups and on the sides, temptingly raises and brings the breasts closer to each other.
– The design creates a sensual, full neckline.
– Side and bottom underwires in the bra, which additionally allow you to model the breasts.
– Front of the bra with a decorative fabric tab.
– Straps with adjustable length, not removable.
– Circumference conveniently tied on the back.
– Very comfortable bra construction that holds the bust well.
– Higher panties on a comfortable lining.
– The sides of the figs are decorated with light, decorative ruffles.
– Interesting design.
– Italian high-quality fabric, composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
– What is the best combination with?
Col.1 with skirt Mila Nero-Petunia M-334, skirt Mila Ribes-Bianco M-334, pareo C Arizona
Col.2 with tunic Lily Moka M-339, pareo C Moka,
Col.3 with Mia Surf M-241 tunic, Mia Zacinto M-241, Meg Nero-Turcheze M-266 skirt, Pareo C Baia
Col. 4 with C Ghiro pareo, C Moka pareo, Juliet Avorio M-461 tunic
Col. 5 with Hilda Ardesia tunic M-568, Mila Ribes-Bianco skirt M-334, Lily Fresia tunic M-339
Col. 6 with tunic Hilda Soft Pink M-568, pareo C Nero.
Circumference under the bust
Chest circumference
Hip circumference
Fig. Height
70-75 cm
82-84 cm
up to 90 cm
25 cm
75-80 cm
85-87 cm
up to 94 cm
26 cm
75-80 cm
88-90 cm
up to 98 cm
26 cm
42 / XL
80-85 cm
91-93 cm
up to 102 cm
27 cm