2-PACK Loose men’s boxer shorts

Tento kvalitní a žádaný kousek 2-PACK Loose men's boxer shorts od značky s dobrým jménem Atlantic jde pořídit u nás extra se slevou! Nyní pořídíte za super cenu 431 Kč. EAN: 5903351355513
2-PACK Loose men's boxer
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Značka: Atlantic
431 999 Kč Sleva -56%
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Loose boxer shorts are characterized by a classic cut, a standard waistline and legs reaching mid-thigh. Their loose cut ensures comfort and freedom of movement. They are made of cotton.
Tunnel rubber is an extremely comfortable and body-friendly finish to the underwear. It works great in everyday situations, does not constrict and keeps the underwear in place. It is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers because it provides the body with contact only with natural cotton.
Classic Underwear is a collection in which we focus on comfort and universal styles. To create underwear, we use high-quality cotton, which is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the phenomenon of compression is alien to her. Classic Underwear is an excellent choice for everyday use, especially if you are a fan of patterned prints.
universal, classic cut of underwear
perfect fit to the figure
made of soft and pleasant to the touch fabric
non-compressive and non-sensitizing tunnel rubber
guarantee of convenience and comfort
Soft Cotton (100% cotton) – a natural, soft fiber, subjected to a special „combing“ process. Thanks to it, the fiber is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical effects. Due to the ability to absorb water, it does not cause discomfort such as sweating. It is also an ideal choice for allergy sufferers – it does not cause allergies.
We love our underwear. When creating it, we pay attention to every smallest detail. Therefore, take care of it and it will serve you for many seasons. Pay attention to markings and instructions included with the underwear. Good wearing!

The package includes loose men’s boxer shorts in two colors: denim and navy blue. Underwear is covered with small origami patterns.Boxer shorts are universal in character – they are characterized by a medium waist and standard length with loose legs. The waist is finished with a soft and comfortable inner rubber (the so-called tunnel). The front is fastened with 2 buttons. We made the boxer shorts of 100% cotton. Our knitwear is pleasant to the touch, and at the same time durable in use and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, it has the ability to absorb water, thus preventing the discomfort of excessive sweating of the body. 
underwear perfect for everyday use
loose nature
maximum convenience
soft and non-compressive elastic waist
high quality cotton
navy blue, denim
100% Cotton