Set with an oversize blouse red

Zcela unikátní produkt Set with an oversize blouse red od skvělé značky Kesi k dostání zde nyní za rozumné peníze! Zrovna nyní za cenu 764 Kč. EAN: 1210002226462
Set with an oversize blouse
Značka: Kesi
764 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 099 Kč Sleva -63%
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Set with an oversize blouse – We present you a set of blouses and trousers. The set is made of high-quality ribbed material. Oversize blouse. Pants do not have pockets. The size is universal and will be suitable for ladies in sizes S, M or L.
Material composition:
90% Cotton,
10% Spandex
Blouse dimensions:
Underarm width: 65 cm
Total length, front: 60 cm / back: 70 cm
Sleeve length: 40cm
Pants dimensions:
Waist width: 30 cm / after stretching: 40 cm
Leg length from the crotch: 65 cm
Overall length: 100 cm