Gabrielle Cosmo M-543 Swimsuit (14)

Tento nejprodávanější kousek Gabrielle Cosmo M-543 Swimsuit (14) od dodavatele s dlouholetou historií Marko pohodlně získáte zrovna dnes za báječnou cenu. Výhodně za cenu 764 Kč. EAN: 5901425445085
Gabrielle Cosmo M-543 Swimsuit
Značka: Marko
764 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 1 899 Kč Sleva -59%
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Gabrielle Cosmo M-543 Swimsuit – The Gabrielle M-543 is a great, one-piece swimsuit with a decorative crinkle at the front. This allows you to visually hide the tummy and emphasize the bust and body features. It is feminine and very comfortable.
Made of high-quality Italian fabric. On the inside of the costume, profiled, stiffened cups are placed, thanks to which the bust is lifted, modeled and remains in the right place all the time, creating a beautiful cleavage. In addition, the set includes (removable from the model) push-up pillows – thanks to them you can additionally optically enlarge the breasts. Push-ups are available in sizes M, L, XL. The other sizes do not have push-up pillows. Asymmetrical shoulder straps, one fully removable (narrow). The circumference on the back is tied. The costume is sewn from size M to 4XL, which will surely please many ladies, it looks great both in the smallest and the largest sizes. And it is appreciated! Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.
Circumference under the bust
Chest circumference
Hips circumference
The length of the costume
75-80 cm
86-88 cm
87-92 cm
53 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
80-85 cm
89-91 cm
90-96 cm
54 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
80-85 cm
92-94 cm
94-100 cm
55 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
85-90 cm
95-97 cm
98-104 cm
56 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
90-95 cm
98-100 cm
102-108 cm
57 cm + 15 cm shoulder straps
90-95 cm
101-102 cm
104-110 cm
57 cm + 15 straps